Armaan Malik: Remixes give re-birth to unique artists who are overlooked


Even as top musicians in the Hindi film industry slam the current trend of old Bollywood and independent songs being rehashed for new films, playback singer Armaan Malik, who himself has lent vocals to a few recreated tracks, says an advantage of the otherwise dispensable fad is that it re-introduces the listeners to the original artists who are long forgotten.

Citing the example of “Kala Chashma”, originally a 2005 Punjabi number sung by Amar Arshi and composed by Kam Dhillon, that got remixed for Katrina Kaif-starrer Baar Baar Dekho, Armaan told the popularity of the new version helped revive the original singer’s career as a live performer.

“A lot of remakes have made us sad because we feel there is a lack of originality in the industry. But that’s actually not true because there are so many people, who want to make original music but are not getting the opportunity to do so. This is the negative of remixes. But there is also a different view.

Like when “Kala Chashma” came, the original artiste got a re-birth. He had done that song long ago and years later people heard the remake and his shows started happening again. He started doing concerts and live performances because the remake got so popular. So, somewhere it could also be the revival of the artiste who was forgotten.”

While admitting that this trend is becoming an “overkill”, Armaan said that the criticism for recreated songs is gaining momentum also because they are not tastefully done. The singer, who has sung remixed versions of songs like “Tumhe Apna Banane Ka”, “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” and “Aise Na Mujhe Tum Dekho”, believes a well done recreated number never upsets the listeners and, in fact, often act as “new, fresh” music for the current generation, which might not have heard the original tracks.

“Even I have done a few, I did “Tumhe Apna Banane Ka” but I didn’t get any flak for it because we did it tastefully. This is very important. What’s happening nowadays is that people retain the lyrics, the tune and just do some different programming and stuff. So, a lot depends upon how you do it.”

“Like sometime back, I saw a little boy humming “Tan Tana Tan”, the original of which came in the ’90s. The kid thinks it is Judwaa 2 song. It is a Varun Dhawan song. So, the youngsters, even people of my age, who were born in the late ’90s, we haven’t heard many of the original songs. So for us, these songs become new. That is an advantage.”

As for his own discography, Armaan reveals he has another recreated track coming up in some time, and until then he would let his recent love song “There Ja” from Varun Dhawan’s upcoming romance October, keep the fans occupied.

Extremely hopeful about the song’s success, Armaan says “There Ja” has been a wish come true as he had been wanting to sing for Varun for the longest time. “I was very vocal about wanting to sing for him. I had told him on many occasions as well. So, I am glad he recommended my name to Shoojit sir. I have sung many jingles for advertisements that Shoojit sir had directed. So, it was nice to reunite with him years later in October.”

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