Valley software entrepreneurs waiting for SIDCO’s ‘promised’ facilities


SRINAGAR: SRINAGAR: Most of the facilities that Jammu & Kashmir State Industrial Development Corporation (JKSIDCO) had promised to software entrepreneurs four-years-ago have not been redeemed.
JKSIDCO in 2013 had invited applications from software entrepreneurs for renting space in the IT towers at Industrial Complex Rangreth. In the application, it had promised parking space, two lifts for easy access with generator back up, industrial heating system, incubation facility, and building equipped with 24 hour security, fully working ventilated areas, structural glazing, fitness centre and canteen.
“But when the entrepreneurs took over, there was nothing except fully working ventilated areas, structural glazing,” said owner of a software company operating in the building. “We were promised semi-furnished flooring, which too was not there. Despite, we pay rent as per the market rates, most of the facilities are not there.”
SIDCO had constructed the building, which was funded by the Government of India. The building generates Rs 6 per sq feet, which by total calculation amounts to many lakhs per month. A number of software companies which were scattered around the valley were offered the spaces through tenders.
“We moved here with the hope that it will be a centralised space for IT companies in the valley, however, it now seems the most haphazard and unplanned construction ever made,” he added.
As present, as per rough estimates, there are about 500 Kashmiris employed there, who take up projects from United States, Canada and Britain. They also develop IT related infrastructural projects as per the requirement of the valley.
A member of the IT Tower Association Rangreth told Kashmir Reader that the employees have to park their cars on the main road leading towards the building. The space which was meant for parking, he said, has been utilised for construction of another building.
Director Industries Bilal Bhat told Kashmir Reader that he has to look into the records to check about the project.
“The project comes under SIDCO which will be knowing about this in details. I have to go through records to see whether the project was done through industries or directly by SIDCO. Will see,” he said.

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