Artisans, weavers an asset for local economy: VC handicrafts


JAMMU: Vice chairman Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporations, Nizam ud din Bhat said that the two corporations owe it to the state that the indigenous economy is rejuvenated through sustainability of art and craft and better salesmanship.
Asking the management of the two corporations, Bhat has directed them to mobilise the available resource to improve the business of the handmade products and to remain involved so that the reputation and goodwill of Kashmir art and handloom remains intact, an official handout read.
“The artisans and weavers are a valuable asset and are the real beneficiaries of sales and business,” he said adding “more incentives need to be contemplated to improve their lot”.
He said that the two corporations have been given a target to ensure that all showrooms and sale centres accomplish the task given to them by the respective boards.
“Any failure in taking out the directions in a desirable manner can entail loss of incentives to employees responsible. The two corporations are following the employee-friendly policy since inception, employees have an obligation that corporations flourish and become a viable tool to carry out defined objectives including securing the interests of artisans and weavers,” Bhat said.
He said that sale centres at Bombay, Kolkata, Delhi, Goa and Lucknow have enough quality stocks of handicraft and handloom and lovers of Kashmir art are familiar with these centres since inception. “Employees have to further refurbish the image,” Bhat added.
He said he had recently visited Delhi centres which is seized with problems. “Chairman of the corporations and administrative heads also are focused on ameliorating the lot of employees, artisans, weavers and workers. The management is making an effort to expand and make the infrastructure updated and innovative. While doing this there will be no compromise on quality and essence of the art and craft,” Bhat said. He said he was hopeful that handicraft corporation would be able to reopen its closed showroom at Kashmir House at Prithviraj road as Resident Commissioner has agreed to find a suitable place, besides proposing the same to government.
“Similarly, Handloom Corporation with the support of administrative department is all set to manufacture more and engage the weavers in an enhanced activity,” he said.
Bhat urged on the management to “become pro-active and make good the losses suffered due to calamities and unrest”, the handout added.


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